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I am an artist and consultant putting my talent and skills together to support  people in the local area with their personal Websites and the small business community.   I also provide quality workforce training.   Website design work is done on a limited basis and as time permits.

Design Solutions: I create small business websites using pre-made next generation web templates, embedding HTML "dCodes" or shortcodes for rich professional looking websites in Contra Costa county, California. I provide customers with a well thought-out process to design
 and develop their websites using various Internet resources and tools for a  low price.

 A small up to 10 pages Website include a domain name with email, hosting, graphic and search
 engine visibility.

Computer Skills Training for the Workplace
Provide quality workforce technology and business training under the Lawrence Workforce Association, a nonprofit business. Create websites for microenterprise startup businesses. 

  Digital Artwork and Graphic Design
 Click here to shop at my Cafepress Web store for featured merchandise.   

Responsive Web Templates
 for professional looking websites

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Web design templates are growing in popularity as it is now much more affordable and quicker to use than hiring a web development team to design a website for your business. The cost of hiring a web development team can cost 1000x more than using a simple pre-made website template. You avoid having to hire web designers and graphic artists to create your website.

You can have an impressive website design you've always dreamed about. Web designers reduce the amount of time designing website layouts and frontends and spend the time customizing to their customers’ needs and demands. HTML shortcodes also enhances the web templates for a rich professional looking site.                          read more >>